Dear Diary,

Sometimes happiness grabs you by the wrist; sometimes you resist, you think, No, I’m really not ready, I have gripes and grudges and resentments left to list. But if you can let go, enjoy what you have and where you are, the most wonderful things can happen.

Like this:

They were walking down P Street, just leaving 16th, when he said apropos of nothing, “Today is brought to you by the letter M.”

As the Sesame Street theme song immediately began to play in her head, she looked back at the cafe they had just left.

“Magpie!” she squealed, dark eyes glittering with delight. “And a movie!”

“But first, we’ll stop for coffee–how about mochas?” he replied, enjoying her childish amusement. She loved wordplay of any kind; he was glad he had linked their events together before she had thought of it.

“Mexican mochas! And later, we’ll stop at Muntean’s, for soup,” she added, winding her arm around his as they crossed the street, passing Karma Brew. She paused, looking at the cheery tomato-red facade and the inviting patio, but they had just eaten lunch.

“Maybe they have chocolate mousse?” she asked hopefully, but he shook his head, laughing and pulling her forward.

“Another time, when we can sit and enjoy the atmosphere,” he said. “We don’t want to be late.”

“There’s always time for dessert,” she groused good naturedly, her high heels clicking hurriedly to catch up to his long stride. It was an unexpected holiday in the middle of the week, and they were enjoying a beautiful, crisp November afternoon after days of slopping rain. The deep shadows thrown by the tall buildings were cool and dank, but there were also long stretches where the sidewalk was warm and sunny.

They passed by Roosevelt Park, admiring the trees changing color, and turned up 9th, wending their way towards Temple Coffee. As always, they talked about everything and nothing. It was enough to enjoy each other’s company, the solid comfort of his arm as she skirted muddy overflows here and there, the press of her breasts against him as she  leaned in close to admire the architectural curves of a cathedral. It was a day for lovers, for being in that perfect moment

For now it was all foreplay, his hand stroking her knee as they found their seats at the IMAX theater, her chaste cold-nose kisses on his cheek as she said thank you. At the end of the day they would slowly strip away the layers, letting fall the long wool coats, reaching underneath her knee-length black skirt and his button-up shirt, their cool hands exploring and leaving goosebumps in their wake, bodies intertwining and mouths sealing kisses to skin.

But for now, as the lights dimmed and the crowd hushed, there was only the anticipation of what was to come, as they unconsciously  leaned in towards each other, content to let their imaginations run rampant in the dark as their story unfolded.

I’ll keep you posted.