Dear Diary,

This has been a long week of mostly forgettable days, memorable only because I’ve seen Lover so much more often than usual. But shhh, come along softly, because he’s just now sleeping in the other room…


We went out for late night dessert at Cafeteria, at 15 and L. The ambience is wonderful–forties French music and Edison lighting, a wonderful open patio with Steampunk double fans overhead. The food is less so, mostly just very average. We came, lured in by the mint chocolate chip mud pie, but the frosting had a vegetable-oil blandness that I cut by ordering a cocktail to wash it down. Next time we go it will be for drinks only, to sit in the warm glow and while away an hour or so.


He called me while returning from the airport–did I have time for a quick bite to eat? I was sweaty and tired, but he bribed me with coffee at Old Soul’s 40 Acres. I took a record-breaking fast shower and met him at the door with damp hair and a light sundress. As we sat at the bar, waiting for chai tea and iced coffee, I wound my bare leg around his and murmured, “I’m not wearing anything underneath…” He laughed, then looked me in the eye while I grinned like the Cheshire cat. Lover gulped, his breath catching as his hand tensed on my thigh, realizing how little separated us as we sat in this very public little cafe.

Dinner was a treat, a meal of seduction, both of us making promises for later since there really was no time tonight.


I had a late night scheduled for work. Lover generously volunteered to come around and feed my pets. Work wrapped up sooner than expected, and I walked in to find my Bengal cat skittering across the floor after a toy thrown by Lover. He had actually come and played with my silly dog and high maintenance cat for over an hour!

As he sat in my favorite armchair, I curled up  his lap and whispered all the things I wanted him to do to me, at length, while he laughed and held me tight, his hands teasing my nipples, his beard tickling my neck. He still had too many work responsibilities to finish, and really I was just being a terrible tease. I was asleep upstairs before he even closed the front door and locked it behind him.

And now it is Sunday, after a wonderful Saturday spent wandering down J Street, ending up at the Kasbah Lounge, nibbling olives and sampling different drinks. I always wake up early, and I usually let him sleep in. So I am taking a bath, and reading a book, and catching up on my diary writings.


But as soon as the hot water ebbs to cold, as soon as every last bubble disappears, I will be back in bed to make good on all my promises to him.