Dear Diary, 

Looking at Lover last weekend, I noticed the crinkles at the corners of his eyes, the ones that are nearly invisible unless he’s laughing. I say,

“You need more silliness in your life, to make those laugh lines permanent.”

“That’s just elasticity,” he replies, and I make a face at him.

girl tongue out

The face that says I won’t argue, but I don’t believe you, either.

And that is OK, with both of us. Neither of us is invested in being right; there’s no “winner” because we don’t compete.

This is probably why we don’t argue, ever. He states his opinion as such, and I agree or disagree, sometimes with the arch an eyebrow or a shrug of the shoulders, any number of nonverbal signals ranging from subtle to exaggeratedly overt.

And then that is that.

This is not to say that I don’t deliberately misinterpret something he has said, merely to twist it to my own advantage. But this is always done in fun, and with the mutual understanding that I am simply not to be trusted when it comes to conversational calisthenics. 

For example…

“You know, you may be the first man to ever turn down even just the idea of a quickie,” I mentioned in passing, as we walked back from Ella’s Dining Room on K Street. 

“That’s not what I said.”

“Sure it is. You said, ‘There’s no reason to have one just to have one.'”

“Also not what I said, plus taken out of context.”

“I’m just saying, that we should at least try it…you know, For Science.”

“For Science, huh?”

“Of course!” In between delighted fits of giggling, that I have inveigled him into playing this game with me, I add with finality, “You’re just going to have to take one for the team. For humanity. For…Science!” 

because science

It is his turn to arch an eyebrow, and mine to remember that he has all sorts of interesting things in a drawer, and once when I was particularly bratty I found out that some of those things could be attached to very sensitive places.

So I silently enjoy my little victory and grin all the way home.

For Science is my catch-all excuse to try something new or unknown, because doing something for the sake of expanding the limits of humanity’s knowledge base gives even the simplest venture a noble sort of grandeur.

So next week we will be exploring the concept of quickies, to boldly go where Lover has never gone before.


I guess we’ll just have to find out…for science!




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