Dear Diary, 


Maybe I’m not the writer Valentine’s Day needs, but I just might be the writer Valentine’s Day deserves.

Or specifically that you deserve.

You, right there, wondering about cardboard cut-out cards and candy hearts of days gone past.

We mostly ignore that Valentine’s Day was commercially created by Hallmark in 1913 as a money making gimmick. And also that so little is known about the actual Saint Valentine that it was easy to co-opt him into this marketing scheme.

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None of this is remarkable for being a priest, much less a saint. 

No, we want all the feels–Valentine’s Day is about love, and you, terrified partner/boyfriend/spouse, you had better pony up with something good.



Promises you don’t intend to keep.

Because that’s what love is all about, right?

Just ask Tina Turner.

But truly, if Valentine’s Day is anything at all, it should be a busy woman’s calendar reminder to do something nice for herself. Honestly, I know so many women focused on making everyone else happy; the only time they take a break is when they get home, kick off their heels, and have a glass of wine.

And then they promptly fall asleep, to do it all over again the next day.

That’s a bit sad, no?

But fear not! You too can make a difference!

Spread the love, people, perhaps especially on Valentine’s Day. Smile. Give a true compliment. Express your appreciation for someone else’s hard work. Dig deep and be genuinely happy for someone else’s good fortune.

These things really matter. Perhaps if we practice them often enough, Valentine’s Day could become every day in the form of expressing gratitude and exchanging goodwill.

Or at least it could come round more than once a year.