Dear Lover… 

Sometimes I wonder

What it would have been like

to have known you

when we were both younger.

I was so headstrong and rebellious,

(against everything and everyone)

while still smiling sweetly

  and pretending to play

  the usual reindeer games.

You went your own way,

  always looking for the best in people

  while sorting out the world’s differences

  and your place in it.

I loved to swim,

  in every back country lake or pond,

  anywhere I could take everything off under the sun

  and find a little peace and privacy

  in the cool blue underthing.


You were forbidden to swim

  after an ear infection

 nearly ruined your hearing in one ear, expensive operation postponed

 until well past puberty.

 Even now you take the longest showers

of anyone I know,

simply letting the water cascade

over your head

as if it could compensate

for a missing piece of childhood.


Perhaps I could have been your mermaid–

   –more likely a sea siren

   luring you into too much trouble.

We were too combustible,

  filled with a white-hot ambition

  to be ourselves.

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And now–

–now, now I have found you.

Purely by chance.

You are mellowed and more responsible.

I am even more tempestuous

  than I was as a teenager,

  but I reserve all that passion

  only for those who know me well,

  rather than squandering it on the unknowing world.


Somehow, we fit.

You and I

And I and you

Such unlikely company

You would never ask me

To be other than what I am

Without apology

And I find I love you

Exactly as you are.


May the years be kind

To us

As we continue our discoveries





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