Readers buy Playboy magazines for the articles and romance novels for the riveting “Romeo & Juliet” plot twists.

OK, not really.

Given that erotica by definition includes graphic sex, I’m often surprised that authors seem somewhat squeamish about actually including any action. Often the swelling passion doesn’t burst from any burning loins until halfway or more through the novel.

And then there’s this little beauty.

Lily Quinn is a succubus who adds an amazing dimension to the term friends with benefits. She draws her power from sexual energy, so she keeps a hot mechanic buddy on hand in order to give herself a fuel boost when she’s feeling low. Within just a few short pages she is unzipping that lucky dude’s pants and diving headfirst into a lovely, detailed blowjob.

Did I mention she’s a bounty hunter, bringing in the mythical bad guys?

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Yes. She is all kinds of awesome.

The writing is clean (well, error free!) and fast-paced. In keeping with the comic book style of the cover, this story doesn’t take itself too seriously but instead focuses on giving the reader one hell of a roller coaster ride–pun intended! Without the entanglement of waiting to fall in love or engaging in the the typical find-a-man mating dance, the reader follows Lily through several sexual encounters with different partners and a delicious amount of variety.

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Despite being half-demon, Lily is more human than many actual humans, fictional or otherwise. She is loyal, determined, intelligent, and goes her own way.

I like her.

A lot.

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(I know! Just when you were beginning to think I hate every book I read!)

This is a modern protagonist for the twenty-first century, not a damsel in distress but a kick-ass equal opportunity femme fatale firmly in charge of her own destiny and owning up to her own mistakes along the way.


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