Dear Diary,

Communication is a vital component to any thriving relationship, especially between two people of extremely different elemental designs. 

How that works out, exactly, is sometimes pretty funny. 

“I need to upgrade my laptop. Can you recommend something?”

“Of course–my line of work pretty much revolves around having the right kind of computing power.”



(Expectant looks are exchanged on both sides.)

“Err…what kind of specs do you need?”

“I need rainbows and pixie dust and possibly a dash of starlight.”

“OK…but, like, really?”

“Oh, yes, very much really. I want it to explode with magic but not the kind that murders all of my open tabs and sends my stories into the black spiraling nothingness of sheer oblivion.”

“Got it. Oblivion equals bad. I’ll just take a look at your old laptop and see what the next level up would be.”

“Can it be pink?”


“Yes. My old laptop is pink. Not skinned pink with that weird rubbery stuff like it’s supposed to be skid resistant, either.”

“It is pink.”

Image result for pink vaio laptop

“Maybe the skid resistant stuff is for people who send their laptops flying after they lose all their hard work. So their computers don’t slide under the couch or the desk or the crack of doom that lives at the bottom edge of the refrigerator.

I don’t know. But I don’t like it.”

“So… What you’re really asking for is ….”

“Please find me a laptop that is beautiful and magical.”

“As you wish.”

Hold tight to both your sense of humor and your standards; this is how to live long and prosper.



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