Dear Diary,

Did you know that small steps are the hardest? They are, because it takes so much courage to make them, one can tell that by the timid size of the step itself, the smudge of a shadow it makes as a person’s foot slides forward an inch, half an inch, a mere muscle twitch of progress.

Big steps are a daring leap across the abyss–or straight down into it, depending on one’s aim.

And intention.

After a big step so many things are in motion that it’s easy to forget to be afraid. Things must be done–bills paid, plans changed, appointments confirmed, interviews kept.
After these big steps there is a feeling of accomplishment, a satisfying roll of the shoulders as one takes stock of how new the world looks, now.
The same old world as before, yet now it is different because you are different in it.
Yes, small steps are definitely more difficult from the very beginning. Small steps can be taken in secret, miniscule incremental motions that can be stolen back.

 Also in secret.
Perhaps never to be attempted ever again.
Perhaps just a lesson in courage, a test of fortitude and determination to keep moving forward.

Perhaps, perhaps.

Step by step, we are going somewhere, either quickly or slowly but still going.
Even those who, by standing perfectly still, hope to opt out of making any choices or change by remaining in one place.

We are all heading to the same grave destination, but it’s how you get there that counts the most.

That’s what they say, anyway.

Step by step.