Dear Diary,

Today Lover took me to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. (I loved it!) But as we were discussing the film, he mentioned, “You usually don’t like female main characters.” 

“What!? I do, too!” I squawked, my inner feminist rising up to march and protest.

The Amityville Horror? The blonde with big teeth who you said, and I quote, ‘I’d like to smack the shit out of her.'”

I reflected on this for about about three seconds before retorting, “They’re all so much the same! They whine and wait for a rescue. I hate all of those kinds of characters.”

So, in honor of Mother’s Day, here is a top 10 Badass Mothers of Sci Fi list. And I really do like all of them.

(Neener neener, sweetheart!)

#10. Jasmine Dubrow: Independence Day

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Sometimes when a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do, it isn’t pretty. But Jasmine Dubrow makes no excuse for being an exotic dancer–it’s good money and she takes good care of her son doing it. The single mom life is hard; an alien invasion and the end of everything you know does not help. But Jasmine takes it all in stride, saving the family dog and then organizing a rescue squad while headed towards home base.

#9. Amy Pond: Doctor Who

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In a timey-wimey twist, Amy Pond is mother to a woman worthy of a Time Lord. Strong and fiercely loyal to family, Amy missed out on the actual mothering that usually accompanies having a baby. Nonetheless, Amy is a companion who holds her own against pirates, vampires, weeping angels, and the ravages of time.


#8. Frey: Elysium

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The details are very vague as to why or how Frey became a mother without a husband. However, what is clear is that this change in status cost Frey a career and a better life. Which, in this world, equates to clean air, access to modern medicine,  and zero proximity to rabid criminals.

That’s a lot to lose.

Yet Frey is single-minded in her devotion to her daughter, to the extent that she assists in bringing down an entirely unequal government only as a by-product of saving her daughter’s life, which was always her main goal.

#7. Lori Grimes: Walking Dead

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Morning sickness, zombies, and traitors, oh my. I never liked Lori, not from the beginning nor at the end. But it would be unfair to leave out a woman who learns to shoot, to kill zombies, and to face untold hardships and tough decisions. For all her failings, Lori loved her son.

Sometimes, that’s all you get.

And sometimes, it’s enough.

#6. Sharon Agathon, née Valerii: Battlestar Galactica

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Get the frak out of the way! Originally Model #8, Sharon turned against her Cylon makers in favor of a family. Despite brutal beatings, imprisonment, and mistrust from all those who believed her to be human, Sharon hangs tight in a fight, but it all centers around her daughter.

#5. Stahma Tarr: Defiance

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Cruel, cunning, and clever, Stahma could give Cersei Lannister a run for her money in the family-first department.

(Except Stahma doesn’t have any brothers. Thank God for that.)

Still, Stahma is a mother who puts her child first before all other things; even her ambition takes a backseat to the preservation and well-being of her only son, Alak.

#4. Joyce: Stranger Things

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When the whole town thinks you’re crazy,  there’s nothing left to do but a) demand your boss give you time off and an advance against your paycheck; b) buy Christmas lights to communicate with your son trapped in an alternate dimension; c) transform your wall into a Ouija board; and d) never, ever give up demanding help any way you can get it to bring your son home.

No doubt: Joyce takes motherly dedication to an amazing new level.

#3. Lady Jessica: Dune

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Defying the Bene Gesserit, the Lady Jessica bore Duke Leto a son instead of a girl. She then continued her rebellion by teaching Paul the secrets of the weirding way, which eventually led to him becoming the messiah and god-emperor of the universe.

Everything she did for love, stoically bearing the consequences of those decisions without regret.

#2. Sarah Connor: Terminator 2, The Sarah Connor Chronicles

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There’s nothing quite like the first time you teach your son to shoot multiple automatic weapons. While homeschooling her son John in guerrilla tactics and war games, Sarah somehow missed the softer aspects of motherhood. Still, there’s no denying that “there’s no fate but what you make,” and Sarah Connor made an indelible mark on the future for all of us.

#1. Ellen Ripley: Aliens

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Ellen Ripley had a daughter, back on Earth. Due to a slight xenomorph issue, Ripley never returned in time to share Amy’s life. But motherhood isn’t just about biological babies, and a strong argument can be made that Ripley adopts Newt while surviving the exploration of LV-426.

Just back away, you bitch, because Ripley will seriously take you out!

Got some favorites of your own? Leave a shout-out in the comments section.