Dear Diary,

Comments sometimes spark an interesting sidebar conversation. In replying to Anne J.  about how stereotypes aggravate me, I had a thought. 

Slowly, the thought became an idea, a very simple idea. 

#1. Are these two people physically equal?

Henry & Emma

Answer: No

Fallacy:  Therefore, women must not be equal to men. 

#2. Are these two people physically equal?

ronda and justin

Answer: No.

Fallacy: Therefore, men must not be equal to women.

#3. Are these two people equal?


Answer: Yes. 

As in so many things, society seems to get hung up on the physical details. However, humanity itself is not a 1:1 equation.

We are not math.

We are people.

Equality is not a matter of muscle mass; it’s a matter of intrinsic value.

That is why women are equal to men, and why men are equal to women.

Simply put, that is equality.

The End.