Dear Diary,

For two weeks I have been sleeping at night with the sheets half torn off the bed, nearly buried under a pile of clean laundry Pirate Cat was rapturous to rest in.


No, I haven’t broken any limbs or figurative body parts.

No, it’s not that I lack the skill or strength to stretch those errant corners back over the far rounded edges of my soft mattress.

No, it’s mostly because I haven’t given a shit.

All my shits were firmly committed elsewhere, which left zero shits to give about laundry and bed making. Although it did occur to me that a cat nesting in my underwear was not the pussy said garment was intended for.

But that’s not the same as giving a shit, because there it all sat for two weeks.

Until today.

Today I woke up and breathed deeply without my eye twitching with leftover stress from the past twenty years of waiting for the end of the world. My stomach did not decide that puking was a better idea than eating breakfast.

In short, all was good with the world.

A free day on a Friday means early to the gym where a tiny, super-fit drill sergeant awaited to coach me into a sweating puddle of jello and limbs that refused to cooperate for a few hours afterward. Back at home, household projects continued on apace, and then I went out for lunch and a pass through my favorite Goodwill in Midtown. Lover lives nearby, so on a whim I picked up lunch for him and his favorite ice coffee sugar bomb.Image result for peet's coffee swirl sugar bomb

I rang the call box to his building, prepared to impersonate a delivery driver in order to surprise him at the door.

Only he didn’t answer the call box, even though I obnoxiously rang it through twice.

But he did pick up on the first ring when I called directly from my phone. 

10 minutes worth of coffee-tasting kisses later I left, telling him I was too sexy for work hours, which was true, but I was also enjoying the space and freedom to roam Midtown Sacramento at will on a lovely summer afternoon.

When I finally returned home, I looked at that mess of a bed and thought, What the hell happened here?

20170729_080659And so it’s all nice and neat, again.

For now.

Pirate Cat is an optional accessory that does not come standard with your individual bed–just mine.